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Facial Steamer Vaporizer Inhaler


  • Facial Steamer
  • Used for Cough & Cold
  • Electric Vaporiser
  • Excellent Quality

Product Description

  • Facial Steamer get used for beauty purpose. You can use the sauna during facial, massaging and at the time of clean up. The vaporizer helps to clear the clogs and rejuvenates your skin.
  • Attachments – Vaporizer has 3 attachments, Consisting of Nasal steamer, Vaporizer and Facial sauna. In nasal steamer you can add inhalant for cold Relief and Congestion, The warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold and cough.
  • Promote the Blood Circulation of Face and Skin Metabolism, sent the Nutrients to the inside of the Skin Cells through the tiny blood vessels and make your skin Smooth, Moisture, Tender and Rosy. This can delay the aging of the Facial Skin.
  • Deeply Hydrating and improving Face Blood Circulation. Use for warm Soothing Facial Sauna. Steam opens pores and help remove Dirt, Bacteria and Makeup residue.
  • Do not use RO/Filter water as it stops the steam generation process.

Usage for Cough and Cold Managemnet
Use normal tap water with some decongestant oil (only with the recommendation of the qualified doctor) for quick clearing of blocked nose and soothing of soar throat. Do not put any form of gel like iodex in the water as it will not allow the generation of steam properly.

Usage for Facial Sauna
Wash your face first with soap and water thus removing dirt .Take steam for 5-steam inhaler steam machine face steamer steamer for face seam sealer mighty vaporizer nasal inhaler personal steamer steamer face water vaporizer steam vaporizer face steamers baby steamer facial steamers vocal steamer nose inhaler steam face steam machine for face nasal steamer steam facial machine steamer flu care package face steam steam for face personal humidifier natural inhaler sinus hot cold.

Always Use normal Tap Water. No RO or Mineral Water.

Face, Nose and Cough Steamer 3-in-1 Plastic Steam Vaporizer, Nozzle Inhaler, Facial Sauna, and Corona Steamer Machine for Adults and Kids (Multicolor)

Product Specifications

Weight0.400 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm


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