Sublimation Blank T-shirts

MeriTokri, a manufacturer of sublimation t-shirts, offers a diverse range of sublimation blank t-shirts including Collar Matty T-shirts, Matty T-shirts, 100% Cotton T-shirts, Cotton Bio Wash T-shirts, Rise Knit T-shirts, Dot Knit T-shirts, Dry Fit T-shirts, Polyester T-shirts, and Sublimation Cotton T-shirts (160 and 200 gsm), among others.

Our sublimation t-shirts are available in a wide variety of fabric qualities such as cotton, bio wash cotton, polyester, dry-fit, dot-knit, and rise-knit. Each t-shirt is meticulously crafted using premium fabrics that feature super combed yarn, superior dyeing, excellent color fastness, and a long-lasting sheen. These qualities make our t-shirts a worthwhile investment.

Furthermore, our t-shirts are offered in an extensive range of color options including white, blank, navy blue, royal blue, sky blue, red, maroon, orange, green, bottle green, pink, beige, yellow, and more.

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