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Solder Wire 40g

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Content 40 gram solder wire

Product Description

Our Solder Wire is a superior solder wire created for electronic repairs and DIY projects. Made from high-quality materials, this wire is designed to be long-lasting, delivering dependable and effective performance for all your soldering needs. The Solder Wire is simple to use and can be trimmed to the desired length. It is perfect for soldering a range of electronic components, including wires, circuit boards, and small parts.

Solder is a metal alloy that can be fused to join metal workpieces, with a melting point lower than that of the workpiece(s). Soft solder, with a typical melting range of 90 to 450 °C, is the most commonly associated with soldering and is used in electronics, plumbing, and sheet metal assembly. Manual soldering is done using a soldering iron or soldering gun. The most commonly used alloys melt between 180 and 190 °C (360 and 370 °F). When soldering is done using alloys with a melting point above 450 °C (840 °F), it is referred to as brazing.


  • Good solderability both in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.
  • High activity flux makes more reliable soldering and leaves bright shiny solder joints after reflow.
  • With the solder wire reel, soldering can be accomplished quickly.
  • Widely applied in electrical repairs.

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